Welcome to Arsenal Paintball!

Arsenal Paintball is part of the AP-Europe Paintball Network. Alliance Paintball is one of the key players on the European market and has meanwhile grown out to be the leader on the French market with regards to E-commerce and shop sales.

It all started with a small-scale shop in the year 2000. After having played for a number of years, the founder and CEO; Olivier though it was time for the next step in professional paintball. Having played competition paintball since the early nineties he sometimes had a tough time getting the right product, getting the correct after sales service, etc. so he made the decision to start a paintball shop himself…

The parameters for his shop would be: Quality, service, timely deliveries and no bs! International sales: local service!

In the meanwhile Alliance Paintball has grown to become the leading shop that offers unparalleled service to its customers, whether this is in the shop or online, or now – starting a new chapter in the UK with Arsenal paintball!

Again we like to stress that our hassle-free and friendly service is paramount! Aside from that Arsenal has the biggest selection of online products for you to choose from. More than 50 brands offering more than 3.500 products online through our Arsenal Paintball web store! We also have a technical department that can help you with any technical queries and can offer solutions to you when you don’t see the solution yourself. We also offer great sales assistance and you can always contact us during regular opening hours (every working day from 10:00 AM to 17:00 PM) – our Arsenal Paintball web shop is open 365 days per year!

We will also send the products with UK Royal Mail and you will only pay domestic rates that you are used to! No catch – just service!

So, again… Welcome to Arsenal Paintball – Expanding your arsenal starts here!


Outbreak Battlevest


2 stars package Tippmann Gryphon


OBK marker carrier bag - 6 colors

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